Are There Gardens You Can Visit On Gran Canaria

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Are you mulling over a trip to Gran Canaria and feel curious about the natural wonders it holds within its borders? Oh, I can assure you, this vibrant island takes pride in much more than simply its glorious beaches…

In fact, Gran Canaria is home to some of the most awe-inspiring gardens in all of Spain. Follow along with this blog post as we guide you through the top gardens on Gran Canaria. We’ll be offering handy tips and pointing out the unique features each garden offers – think of it sort of like your personalized tour guide! So buckle up and get ready for an enchanting journey into a corner of nature’s paradise!

Top Gardens to Visit on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers a variety of stunning gardens to explore, including Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria, Jardin Botanico Viera & Clavijo, Botanical Park of Maspalomas, Jardines de la Marquesa, and Huerto de las Flores.

Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria

Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria is not just a garden. It’s an adventure! Here, kids can come face-to-face with crocs of all shapes and sizes. But it’s not only about the crocodiles. The park has many other exciting animals like monkeys, parrots, and snakes too.

You’ll love to sit in the shade of the trees while watching these amazing creatures. This place offers something different on your trip to Gran Canaria. It’s more than just a visit; it’s a unique experience waiting for you!

Jardin Botanico Viera & Clavijo

Jardin Botanico Viera & Clavijo is a place full of magic. This garden is filled with big and small trees, rare flowers, and plants from all over the world. It’s also the biggest botanical garden in Spain! That means there are lots of new things to see.

This place isn’t just about looking at plants though. You can walk next to lakes filled with fish too. There are quiet paths that go along cliffs and through forests. The cactus garden has different types of cacti you may not have seen before.

Also, did you know Jardin Botanico Viera & Clavijo has many dragon trees? These strange-looking trees add an extra special touch to your visit.

Going to this botanical garden makes for a fun day trip on Gran Canaria Island. So if you like plants or want to learn something new, come and take a closer look at what’s growing here.

Botanical Park of Maspalomas

Botanical Park of Maspalomas is a special place to visit. It’s near an amusement park, so you can have extra fun. In this park, there are many kinds of plants you can see. You’ll enjoy the pretty sights and fresh smells here.

This place is great for both kids and adults to explore. So, don’t miss out on the Botanical Park of Maspalomas when you’re in Gran Canaria!

Jardines de la Marquesa

Jardines de la Marquesa is a beautiful garden located in Gran Canaria that is definitely worth visiting. It offers a peaceful and picturesque experience with its stunning landscapes, colorful flowers, and lush greenery.

You can take leisurely walks through the garden’s well-maintained paths or simply sit and relax amidst the serene surroundings. The Jardines de la Marquesa also features charming water fountains and ponds, adding to the overall tranquility of the place.

With its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, this garden provides a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Huerto de las Flores

I visited Huerto de las Flores during my trip to Gran Canaria, and it was absolutely delightful. This garden is filled with colorful flowers and fragrant plants that create a peaceful atmosphere.

I enjoyed strolling through the pathways and taking in the beauty of the different flower beds. One unique feature of Huerto de las Flores is its collection of exotic orchids, which are truly stunning.

The garden also has several seating areas where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings. If you’re looking for a tranquil escape amidst nature’s beauty, Huerto de las Flores is definitely worth a visit during your time in Gran Canaria.

The Botanical Garden in Gran Canaria

The Botanical Garden in Gran Canaria is a stunning oasis where visitors can explore and admire the diverse plant species native to the Canary Islands.

Overview of the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Gran Canaria is a must-visit for nature lovers. It’s called “Jardín Canario” and it covers a massive area of 27 hectares. This tranquil garden is filled with an amazing array of plants native to the Canary Islands, as well as exotic species from around the world.

You can explore lush forests, walk along cliff paths, and even see a cactus garden. One highlight is the collection of dragon trees that are unique to this region. There are also beautiful lakes teeming with fish.

The Botanical Garden offers a peaceful escape where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of nature. Remember to bring your camera to capture some breathtaking photos!

Unique features and attractions

The Botanic Garden in Gran Canaria offers a tranquil and fascinating experience. It spans a massive 27 hectares, showcasing the rich and spectacular plants of the Canary Islands. One unique feature is the Jardín Canario de Viera y Clavijo, which has lakes filled with fish, forests to explore, cliff paths to hike along, and even a cactus garden.

You’ll also find plenty of majestic dragon trees throughout the gardens. As Spain’s largest botanical garden, it proudly displays an incredible collection of indigenous and foreign plant species.

This diverse array of flora makes it a truly remarkable place to visit on your trip to Gran Canaria.

Visiting information (entrance, opening hours, location)

Visiting the gardens on Gran Canaria requires some planning. Here’s a handy table to help you plan your visit:


Garden Entrance Fee Opening Hours Location
Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria Paid 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Agüimes, Gran Canaria
Jardin Botanico Viera & Clavijo Free 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Tafira Alta, Las Palmas
Botanical Park of Maspalomas Free 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Jardines de la Marquesa Paid 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Arucas, Gran Canaria
Huerto de las Flores Free 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Agada, Gran Canaria

This table should help you plot your garden visits and ensure you don’t miss out on any of these beautiful natural spaces on Gran Canaria. Always remember to check the exact opening hours and entrance fees as they may change.

Other Natural Parks and Botanical Gardens in Maspalomas

Maspalomas offers a range of other natural parks and botanical gardens to explore, including Parque Sur, San Fernando Multifunctional Park, and El Tablero Sports-Recreational Park.

Parque Sur

Parque Sur is another natural park in Maspalomas that is worth visiting during your trip to Gran Canaria. It offers a peaceful and picturesque setting, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.

The park features well-maintained pathways, beautiful gardens, and plenty of green spaces to explore. You can take leisurely walks, have picnics on the grassy areas, or simply sit back and admire the surrounding nature.

Parque Sur also has recreational facilities like playgrounds for kids and outdoor fitness equipment for those who want to stay active. It’s a great place to spend quality time with family or friends while immersing yourself in the beauty of Gran Canaria’s natural landscapes.

San Fernando Multifunctional Park

San Fernando Multifunctional Park is a fantastic place to visit during your time in Gran Canaria. With its beautiful green spaces, playgrounds, and sports facilities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The park also features walking paths and picnic areas, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing outdoor meal. Whether you’re looking to get active or simply unwind in nature, San Fernando Multifunctional Park is definitely worth a visit.

El Tablero Sports-Recreational Park

El Tablero Sports-Recreational Park is a fantastic place to visit in Gran Canaria. It offers a wide range of activities for both locals and tourists. The park has sports facilities like football fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts, where you can have fun playing different sports with your friends or family.

There are also playgrounds for children, so the little ones can enjoy themselves too. If you’re feeling hungry after all the fun, there are picnic areas where you can sit down and have a nice meal.

Overall, El Tablero Sports-Recreational Park is a great spot to spend some quality time outdoors and engage in various recreational activities.

The Benefits of Visiting Gardens on Gran Canaria

Visiting the stunning gardens on Gran Canaria allows you to immerse yourself in nature, learn about the local flora and fauna, and experience relaxation like never before.

Enjoying nature and biodiversity

Visiting the gardens in Gran Canaria is a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and experience its incredible biodiversity. From lush forests to colorful flowers, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the island’s flora and fauna.

You’ll have the chance to see unique plants and trees that are native to Gran Canaria, as well as exotic species from around the world. Whether you’re strolling through botanical gardens or exploring natural parks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So take a break from city life and embrace the tranquility of these stunning gardens – it’s a truly unforgettable experience!

Learning about local flora and fauna

Exploring the gardens in Gran Canaria allows you to learn about the local flora and fauna. With an impressive variety of plant species, you can discover unique flowers, trees, and even cacti.

The Jardin Botanico Viera & Clavijo is particularly famous for its diverse collection of indigenous and foreign plants. You can also find lakes teeming with fish, forests, cliff paths, and stunning dragon trees at the Jardín Canario de Viera y Clavijo.

Whether you are a nature lover or simply curious about the island’s biodiversity, visiting these gardens will provide an educational and awe-inspiring experience.

Relaxation and stress relief

Visiting the gardens in Gran Canaria is not only a chance to enjoy nature and learn about local flora and fauna, but it also provides a great opportunity for relaxation and stress relief.

The tranquil surroundings, beautiful landscapes, and peaceful atmosphere of these gardens create the perfect environment to unwind and rejuvenate. Whether you choose to take a leisurely stroll through the botanical park or simply sit on a bench surrounded by colorful flowers, the calming ambience of these gardens can help melt away any tension or worries.

So, don’t forget to include some garden visits in your itinerary for a truly relaxing experience on your trip to Gran Canaria.

Tips for Visiting Gardens on Gran Canaria

Wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes to explore the gardens.

Proper attire and footwear

When visiting gardens on Gran Canaria, it is important to wear comfortable attire and suitable footwear. The weather can be warm, so lightweight clothing and breathable fabrics are recommended.

Additionally, wearing sturdy shoes or walking sandals will provide comfort and support while exploring the garden pathways. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

By dressing appropriately, you can fully enjoy your time in the beautiful gardens of Gran Canaria without any discomfort or inconvenience.

Bringing water and sun protection

Exploring the gardens in Gran Canaria can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to come prepared for the sunny weather. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your visit.

The sun in Gran Canaria can be quite strong, so wearing sunscreen and a hat will help protect you from sunburn. It’s always a good idea to take breaks in shaded areas to cool off and rest if needed.

By being mindful of staying hydrated and protected from the sun, you can fully enjoy your time in the beautiful gardens of Gran Canaria.

Following park rules and regulations

It’s important to follow the park rules and regulations when visiting the gardens in Gran Canaria. This helps to ensure the safety of both visitors and the natural environment. Be mindful of any signs or instructions provided, such as staying on designated paths, not picking flowers or disturbing wildlife, and disposing of trash properly.

By respecting these guidelines, we can all contribute to preserving the beauty and tranquility of these gardens for future generations to enjoy.