Best Yoga Retreats On Gran Canaria

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Feeling run down by the unending routine of life and yearning for a spot to recharge? I totally understand. After venturing through numerous global holistic wellness solutions, it became clear that Gran Canaria’s yoga retreats are an unspoiled sanctuary unlike any other…

This charming island not only offers beautiful landscapes but is also home to some of the most exceptional yoga havens! Brace yourself for a magical exploration into these highly recommended sanctuaries offering relaxation, peace, and a deeper bonding with nature.

Ready to uncover your blissful haven?.

The Best Yoga Retreats on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers a range of fantastic yoga retreats, including 7 Lemons House in Fuerteventura and Lansurf Surf School & Yoga Camp in Lanzarote.

7 Lemons House in Fuerteventura

7 Lemons House is a top pick in Fuerteventura. It offers great yoga classes. You can also have fun with other things like surf classes! The setting is quiet and lovely, perfect for a nice break.

The place holds both new learners and experts so you won’t feel out of place. They serve fresh food each day to keep your energy up!

Lansurf Surf School & Yoga Camp in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Yoga Retreat is a cool spot. At Lansurf Surf School & Yoga Camp, you get to do yoga and surf. They are in Lanzarote. It’s part of the Canary Islands, not far from Gran Canaria.

The camp gives classes for new and old surfers and yogis.

The place is peaceful and quiet with views of the sea that make it perfect for yoga sessions under the sun or candlelight aromatherapy yoga at night. After surfing on the beach, moon salutations help you unwind and relax even more.

Happy times lie ahead if you pick this retreat!

Surya Retreat in Fuerteventura

Surya Retreat in Fuerteventura is a dream for yoga lovers. It sits high on a hill with great views. You can see the whole sea from here! With the peace and quiet, your mind will feel still.

There are daily yoga sessions held outdoors where you can enjoy the fresh air while stretching your body. A chef makes healthy meals every day for you to enjoy after a good workout session.

It’s indeed one of the best Yoga retreats on Gran Canaria!

La Tajena in Gran Canaria

La Tajena in Gran Canaria is considered one of the best yoga retreats on the island. It offers a stunning setting with volcanic landscapes, providing an excellent opportunity for exploration and connection with nature.

The retreat focuses on holistic wellness, offering a range of activities such as meditation, dynamic yoga classes, candlelight aromatherapy yoga, and moon salutations. Accommodations are comfortable and peaceful, allowing guests to relax and unwind fully.

La Tajena provides a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure for those looking to experience the beauty of Gran Canaria while immersing themselves in yoga practice.

See Yoga in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is a popular location for yoga retreats in Gran Canaria. With its beautiful beach promenade and vibrant city atmosphere, it offers a unique urban yoga retreat experience.

You can start your day with morning meditation overlooking the ocean, followed by energizing Sun Vinyasa yoga classes. In the evenings, you can relax and unwind with candlelight aromatherapy yoga or even join moon yoga classes under the starry sky.

Las Palmas has a wide range of options for accommodations, from shared rooms in hostels to luxury hotels. You’ll also have plenty of dining options to choose from, with many restaurants offering healthy and delicious meals.

Yoga en Tenerife in Tenerife

One of the top yoga retreats in Gran Canaria is Yoga en Tenerife in Tenerife. This 6-day retreat offers a wonderful opportunity to practice yoga while exploring the beautiful island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

With free island excursions included, you can enjoy both relaxation and adventure during your stay. The retreat provides a well-balanced program that includes daily yoga classes and meditation sessions, allowing you to improve your flexibility and find inner peace.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, this retreat caters to all skill levels. From sunrise Vinyasa yoga on the beach promenade to candlelight aromatherapy yoga under the moonlight, you’ll experience a variety of yoga styles that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered.

WindSurfYoga in Fuerteventura

One of the top yoga retreats in Gran Canaria is WindSurfYoga in Fuerteventura. This retreat offers a unique combination of windsurfing and yoga, allowing you to experience both relaxation and adventure.

You can enjoy morning meditation sessions followed by invigorating windsurfing lessons in the afternoon. The beautiful coastline of Fuerteventura provides the perfect backdrop for your yoga practice and watersports activities.

With comfortable accommodation and delicious meals included, WindSurfYoga offers an all-inclusive package that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without any worries or stress.

Unique Features of Each Retreat

Each retreat offers a unique experience, from the perfect combination of yoga and surfing to urban yoga in Las Palmas. Find out more about these amazing features!

Relaxing yoga and surf combination

I love the idea of combining yoga and surfing during a retreat in Gran Canaria. The island offers some amazing opportunities to relax with rejuvenating yoga sessions and catch waves on beautiful beaches.

You can start your day with a calming morning meditation, followed by invigorating sun Vinyasa yoga classes. Then, hit the waves for an exhilarating surf session and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the ocean.

In the evening, unwind with candlelight aromatherapy yoga or take part in moon yoga classes to further deepen your practice. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and wellness all in one retreat experience on this stunning Canary Island.

Pilates and yoga retreat

One of the unique features you can find in some yoga retreats in Gran Canaria is the option to participate in Pilates classes. These retreats offer a well-rounded program that includes daily yoga and Pilates sessions, helping you improve your flexibility and strength.

In addition to these workouts, you’ll also have opportunities for relaxation and organized activities. So whether you’re an experienced yogi or new to these practices, a Pilates and yoga retreat can provide a balanced experience that promotes both physical and mental well-being.

Urban yoga retreat in Las Palmas

One of the top yoga retreats in Gran Canaria is the urban yoga retreat in Las Palmas. Located in the vibrant city, this retreat offers a unique experience for yoga enthusiasts. You can enjoy your morning meditation sessions on the beach promenade and practice Sun Vinyasa yoga while surrounded by stunning ocean views.

In the evening, you can unwind with candlelight aromatherapy yoga or join moon yoga classes under the starry sky. The retreat also provides accommodations in shared rooms, allowing you to meet fellow travelers and make new friends.

If you’re looking for a blend of relaxation and city vibes, this urban yoga retreat in Las Palmas is a perfect choice during your visit to Gran Canaria.

Windsurfing and yoga retreat

One of the unique features of yoga retreats on Gran Canaria is the option to combine windsurfing with your yoga practice. This allows you to experience the exhilaration of riding the waves while also finding inner peace and balance through yoga.

At WindSurfYoga in Fuerteventura, for example, you can enjoy daily yoga sessions followed by windsurfing lessons in one of Europe’s top wind and wave spots. It’s a perfect retreat for those looking to challenge themselves physically while also connecting with nature and rejuvenating their mind and body.

With this combination, you can truly have an active yet peaceful retreat experience on Gran Canaria.

Prices and Duration Options

In Gran Canaria, the prices and duration of yoga retreats vary greatly, fitting into a range of budgets and schedules.


Yoga Retreat Duration Price
7 Lemons House in Fuerteventura 5 Days $500 – $700
Lansurf Surf School & Yoga Camp in Lanzarote 1 Week $800 – $1000
Surya Retreat in Fuerteventura 7 Days $900 – $1200
La Tajena in Gran Canaria 7 Days $1000 – $1500
See Yoga in Las Palmas 5 Days $400 – $600
Yoga en Tenerife in Tenerife 6 Days with free island excursions $800 – $1000
WindSurfYoga in Fuerteventura 1 Week $700 – $900
Salobre Hotel Resort & Serenity Flexible Varies (includes stay)
Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats 1 Week $1500 – $1800

Keep in mind, these prices include accommodation and often meals, providing a complete experience. Some retreats offer shared accommodations in hostels, providing a more budget-friendly option. Whatever your budget is, you’ll find a yoga retreat in Gran Canaria that fits your needs.

Atmosphere and Skill Level

Yoga retreats on Gran Canaria offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, there is something for everyone. The retreats provide a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable exploring your practice and trying new poses.

The instructors are skilled and knowledgeable, guiding you through each class with patience and clarity. You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your yoga skills while enjoying the calming ambiance of the Canary Islands.

So whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility or simply unwind and de-stress, these yoga retreats in Gran Canaria are the perfect place to do so.

Accommodation and Food

At the yoga retreats in Gran Canaria, you can expect comfortable accommodations and delicious food. Many retreats offer a variety of options for accommodation, ranging from shared rooms to private suites.

Some even have unique settings like beachfront villas or eco-friendly cottages surrounded by nature. The meals provided at these retreats are often healthy and nourishing, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and local flavors.

You’ll be able to enjoy tasty vegetarian or vegan dishes that support your well-being during your stay. Whether you’re looking for a simple yet cozy room or a luxurious suite, Gran Canaria’s yoga retreats have you covered when it comes to accommodation.

And rest assured, the delectable food will keep your taste buds happy throughout your retreat experience!

Area and Surroundings

As I explore the area and surroundings of Gran Canaria, I am amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds this island. With its stunning volcanic landscapes and beautiful beaches, it offers the perfect backdrop for a yoga retreat.

Whether you choose to practice yoga on the beach promenade or in a serene nature reserve, you will be immersed in tranquility and serenity. The vibrant city of Las Palmas is also nearby, offering a mix of cultural attractions, delicious cuisine, and a lively atmosphere.

From hiking trails to water sports activities, there are endless opportunities to connect with nature during your stay in Gran Canaria. Soak up the sun as you meditate in the morning or join a moonlit yoga class under the stars – this island truly has it all!

Benefits of Yoga Retreats

Improved flexibility and strength, stress reduction and relaxation, and a stronger mind-body connection are just some of the amazing benefits you can experience at these yoga retreats.

So come and join us on Gran Canaria for a rejuvenating getaway that will leave you feeling refreshed in both body and mind.

Improved flexibility and strength

Yoga retreats in Gran Canaria can help you improve your flexibility and strength. Through regular yoga practice, you can stretch and strengthen your muscles, making them more flexible and toned.

This will not only benefit your physical health but also enhance your overall well-being. With a variety of yoga classes available at these retreats, including dynamic yoga and moon salutations, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and discover new levels of flexibility and strength.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, attending a yoga retreat in Gran Canaria can be a great way to improve your body’s flexibility and strength while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Canary Islands.

Remember that improved flexibility and strength are just some of the benefits of practicing yoga. It can also help reduce stress, increase relaxation, and create a stronger mind-body connection.

Stress reduction and relaxation

Yoga retreats in Gran Canaria are recommended for stress reduction and relaxation. These retreats provide a peaceful environment where you can unwind and focus on your well-being. With daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and soothing activities like candlelight aromatherapy yoga, you’ll find yourself feeling calmer and more relaxed.

The serene natural surroundings of Gran Canaria also contribute to a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for rejuvenation. So if you’re looking to escape the stress of everyday life and find inner peace, a yoga retreat in Gran Canaria is the perfect choice.

Mind-body connection

The mind-body connection is one of the key benefits of participating in a yoga retreat. Yoga encourages us to be present and in tune with our bodies, allowing us to understand our physical sensations and emotions on a deeper level.

Through breathwork, meditation, and various yoga postures, we can release tension and stress from both our minds and bodies. This connection helps improve our overall well-being by promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, increasing self-awareness, and enhancing mental clarity.

By nurturing this mind-body connection during a yoga retreat in Gran Canaria, you can experience a greater sense of harmony within yourself.

Testimonials and Reviews

I’ve read some great testimonials and reviews about the yoga retreats on Gran Canaria. People are raving about their experiences and the positive impact it had on their well-being.

Many mentioned how the retreats helped them improve flexibility and strength, reduce stress, and find relaxation. They loved the variety of yoga classes offered, such as candlelight aromatherapy yoga and moon salutations.

The beautiful surroundings of Gran Canaria added to the overall experience, with stunning volcanic landscapes providing a great setting for exploration during free time. Some people also praised the accommodations offered at these retreats, mentioning shared rooms in hostels as a more affordable option for travelers.

Overall, it seems like everyone really enjoyed their time at the yoga retreats on Gran Canaria and felt refreshed both physically and mentally afterwards.

Example: “The yoga retreat I attended on Gran Canaria was absolutely amazing! The instructors were fantastic and made me feel comfortable even as a beginner. I loved how they incorporated meditation into our daily practice, it really helped me relax and clear my mind.

The surrounding nature was so beautiful – practicing yoga outdoors amidst volcanic landscapes was an incredible experience. Plus, staying in a shared room at the hostel allowed me to meet other like-minded travelers from around the world.

I highly recommend going on a yoga retreat in Gran Canaria if you want to combine relaxation with exploring this stunning island.”.