Explore Gran Canaria’s Stunning Playa de Veneguera


Feeling drained by packed beaches and craving a little solitude on the sand? Believe me, I get it. That longing for quiet space away from the masses led me to discover Playa De Veneguera in Gran Canaria.

This serene, undisturbed wonderland boasts a dappled pebbly beach, flanked with unique rocky landscapes that truly set it apart from your typical sandy retreats. It’s become my personal sanctuary – an incredible oasis on the Canary Islands completely off the beaten path and now, I can’t wait to share this hidden gem of tranquility with you!

Overview of Playa De Veneguera

Are you in need of a tranquil and unspoiled beach getaway? Look no further than Playa De Veneguera on Gran Canaria! As an avid traveler myself, I understand the desire for peace and relaxation. And guess what? This hidden gem offers just that! With its stunning rocky terrain, colorful pebbles, and secluded location, it’s the perfect destination for those looking to escape the crowds. Let me take you on a journey through this enchanting beach paradise. Buckle up!

Key features and attractions

I have found some great features and attractions at Playa De Veneguera.

  1. The beach is long and deep with a mix of colored pebbles and dark volcanic sand.
  2. It’s quiet, secluded, and free from the noise of city life.
  3. This spot is all about peace and rest.
  4. There are towering rocks at each end offering shelter.
  5. You get to see scenic beauty all around you.
  6. Lots of wildlife can be seen in the area but take care of rats and bugs!
  7. Some might not like it, but the rough road adds to the adventure!
  8. The beach sits in Playa de Mogan settlement, not too far from local life.
  9. It’s a fair drive from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria if you’re staying in the city.

Weather and beach surroundings

The weather at Playa De Veneguera is often sunny and warm. This gives me lots of time to enjoy the beach. The beach has a lot of rocks and pebbles, not just sand. You can see bright, round pebbles all over the place! Some parts have dark sand made from old volcanoes.

It’s different but very pretty. There are also large rocks on both ends of the beach that give it some shelter. Being 370 meters long, this place feels big and open too! We’re right next to Playa de Mogan settlement here, about 4 km away from its heart.

I find peace because it’s far from busy cities like Las Palmas de Gran Canaria which is about 47 km away! But one thing to note, we must watch out for rats and bugs if we choose to camp out in tents since they don’t clean up or spray poison regularly here.

Accessibility and transportation

Getting to Playa De Veneguera is a bit of a drive. From the center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it’s about 47 km away. You’ll find it near the Playa de Mogan settlement, a short 4.1 km trip from its center.

Be ready for an off-road adventure! The road to the beach is long and made of dirt. If your car has low suspension, this might not be the best route for you. Despite these challenges, reaching this hidden gem is worth every minute!

Experiencing Playa De Veneguera

At Playa De Veneguera, visitors can partake in a variety of activities and enjoy the pristine water quality.

Activities and water quality

Playa De Veneguera offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Swimming in the crystal – clear waters
  2. Snorkeling to explore the underwater world
  3. Sunbathing on the beach and soaking up the warm sun
  4. Building sandcastles with your family or friends
  5. Taking long walks along the shoreline
  6. Enjoying a picnic on the beach with stunning views
  7. Trying out water sports like paddleboarding or kayaking