Explore the Stunning Playa de Vargas on Gran Canaria


Looking for a one-of-a-kind beach experience on Gran Canaria? Believe me, I know the feeling! As an adventure enthusiast who’s had the pleasure of experiencing Playa de Vargas (which remarkably ranks 150th out of 233 beaches in the Las Palmas region), I’ve gathered some handy insights just for you.

Treat this blog as your personal guide to uncovering this exceptional windsurfing sanctuary and all its hidden gems that await. So, are you ready to conquer those waves?.

About Playa de Vargas 

Playa de Vargas is located on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and offers a range of features that make it a must-visit destination.

Location and features

Playa de Vargas sits in the east of Gran Canaria. It’s right there in the Los Espinales area, just 26.8 km from Las Palmas city center. This beach is stony, not really for swimming, but great for windsurfers! Wave breaks are close to shore which makes it easy to ride waves here.

Even if you’re new at this sport, you will enjoy it! The beach also has nature all around it that adds charm to its looks and feel. Though ranked 150th out of 233 beaches in Las Palmas region, Playa de Vargas holds a true beauty as an outdoor spot with its open and natural setting.


The sun shines bright at Playa de Vargas on Gran Canaria. The weather is warm year-round, but the best time to visit is in summer. This season gives you a clear sky and lots of sunlight.

It’s perfect for windsurfing or enjoying nature.

Winter months are cooler, yet not too cold. You can still go out and have fun. Winds get stronger in this season, making it great for kiteboarding and surfing at Vargas beach. Be ready though! The winds can kick up waves that add to your thrills over water sports.

Key attractions

There are many fun and cool things you can see and do at Playa de Vargas.

  1. You can camp right next to the water.
  2. This beach is a great spot for windsurfing. New learners love it here.
  3. The beach is in Los Espinales, which is only 26.8 km from Las Palmas city center.
  4. There are lots of pretty views to enjoy around the area.
  5. You can have a great day out no matter what the tide is like.
  6. If it’s warm enough, you could try a bit of sunbathing or maybe even a quick swim!
  7. You’ll get to see nature in all its glory as this beach has lots of open space.

Activities and Amenities at Playa de Vargas 

Playa de Vargas offers a range of activities and amenities for visitors, including opportunities for windsurfing, camping, and nearby restaurants and attractions.

Watersports opportunities (windsurfing)

At Playa de Vargas, windsurfing is a popular activity. The beach is known for its beginner-friendly conditions, making it a great spot for those new to the sport. The waves break close to the shore, providing an ideal environment for practicing wave skills.

With its natural and open surroundings, it offers a unique experience for windsurfers looking to enjoy their favorite water sport. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Playa de Vargas provides fantastic opportunities for windsurfing adventures.

User Reviews and Ratings of Playa de Vargas

Discover what other travelers have to say about Playa de Vargas and why this beach is a must-visit destination on Gran Canaria.

Overall beach score

Playa de Vargas has an overall beach score of 150th out of 233 beaches in the Las Palmas region. The beach is not typically used for swimming due to its stony nature, but it is a popular spot for windsurfers to practice their skills.

With its natural and open environment, Playa de Vargas offers a unique destination for outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing and swimming on the right day while surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

It’s a hidden gem on Gran Canaria that provides a special experience for windsurfers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Traveler feedback and experiences

I’ve heard great things about Playa de Vargas from other travelers. They say that it’s a beautiful beach with stunning natural surroundings. Many of them enjoyed watching windsurfers in action and were impressed by the beginner-friendly conditions for this water sport.

Some visitors even tried windsurfing themselves and had a fantastic time learning the ropes. While swimming isn’t recommended due to the stony nature of the beach, people still found pleasure in sunbathing and exploring the picturesque landscapes nearby.

Overall, travelers have described Playa de Vargas as a hidden gem on Gran Canaria, offering unique experiences for windsurfers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Questions and answers about the beach

I get a lot of questions about Playa de Vargas, so I wanted to answer some of the most common ones for you. Here are the top things people ask about this beach:

  1. How do I get to Playa de Vargas?
  • Playa de Vargas is located in the east of Gran Canaria, in the Las Palmas region of Spain. You can easily reach it by car or public transportation.
  1. Is Playa de Vargas good for swimming?
  • The beach is mostly stony, so it’s not ideal for swimming. However, on calm days, you can still enjoy a refreshing dip in the water.
  1. What activities can I do at Playa de Vargas?
  • The main activity here is windsurfing. It’s a popular spot for beginners to practice their skills. You can also go camping at the campsite nearby and explore the beautiful surroundings.
  1. Are there any amenities at Playa de Vargas?
  • Yes, there are some facilities available, including restrooms and showers near the campsite area.
  1. Can I rent windsurfing equipment at the beach?
  • Yes, there are rental shops nearby where you can get all the necessary gear for windsurfing.
  1. What other attractions are there near Playa de Vargas?